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PO Box 17151333 Main Street, Suite 500Columbia, SC 29202-1715803-737-5700


The South Carolina Vocational Rehabilitation Department (VR) prepares and enables eligible South Carolinians with disabilities to achieve and maintain competitive employment.

In VR Offices across the state, two substance-abuse treatment centers and two comprehensive evaluation centers, teams of VR professionals provide people with disabilities and businesses with the support they need to succeed.

Why seek VR services?

We help you understand the options available in setting and reaching your vocational goal. Individualized services are provided at offices all over the state and may include:

  • Assessment for eligibility, career exploration and planning for employment;
  • Disability management through therapies, treatments, procedures or assistive devices;
  • Training to enhance skills through instruction and work experiences in our offices, on worksites, or through educational partnerships;
  • Job search to help you find competitive employment, and support you once you are on the job.

Why partner with VR?

VR clients have skills, drive, loyalty and dependability. Services that help you tap into this talent pool may include:

  • Job matching that connects you with qualified, pre-screened candidates;
  • Outsource/training partnerships to meet your needs for quality products or services, and help the clients learn fundamental work skills;
  • Internships, apprenticeships and on the job training which fill any specific knowledge or skills gap at initial employment;
  • Post employment and job retention services to keep valuable employees with disabilities;
  • Tax credits and other financial incentives for training, orientation and accommodation.

The VR website at also contains details about our services and contact information for our local offices.