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Relief of Counsel Motions $25 filing fee required. (Posted December 17, 2013) Read more...

Commission Approves Increase in Informal Conference Cost and Hearing Cost. (Posted September 4, 2012) Read more...

Clarification of Requirements for Filing a Form 14B (Physician's Statement) January 25, 2012
In response to an inquiry from the medical services providers, the Commission has clarified the requirements for filing a Form 14B.

Court Interpreters January 17, 2012
At the regular business meeting on January 17, 2012 the Commissioners reviewed and discussed proposed guidelines for the use of court interpreters in workers' compensation cases. The discussion included professional qualifications of interpreters, a draft affidavit for the interpreter to complete and questions for the Commissioner to ask the interpreter for the record. The Commission asked staff to conduct additional research and report at a future meeting.

The Judicial Department Issues an Advisory Notice Clarifying the Requirements for Filing a Form 14B (Physician's Statement) May 13, 2011

Commission Clarifies Requirements for Filing Fees July 11, 2011

Commission Amends Form 21, Employer's Request for a Hearing April 18, 2011

Commission Revises Informal Conference Hearing Cost Assessment January 18, 2011

Commission Approves Increase in Hearing Cost August 16, 2010 

Physician's Statement, Form 14B Maximum Allowable Payment Dec 14 2009