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Medical Services Provider Manual

Any appropriately-licensed medical provider who is authorized by the employer or insurance carrier may treat workers' compensation claimants. The  Medical Services Provider Manual outlines billing and payment policy for physicians and other health care professionals and provides the current schedule of fees. The fee schedule does not cover hospital charges, general dental, EMS Services, Emergency Air Transportation, or services rendered outside of South Carolina.

Effective September 1, 2015, the 2010 MSPM will no longer govern non-inpatient, non-ASC medical services rendered to Workers' Compensation patients in South Carolina. Please refer to the 2015 Medical Services Provider Manual for billing and treatment guidance for services provided after August 31, 2015.

Click the following link for information on how to purchase the 2015 Medical Services Provider Manual.

2015 Medical Services Provider Manual


 2010 Medical Services Provider Manual

Copies of the 2010 Medical Services Provider Manual may be purchased for $75.00 by sending a check payable to the South Carolina Workers' Compensation Commission at the following address:

S. C. Workers' Compensation Commission
Attn: Medical Services
P. O. Box 1715
Columbia, SC 29202-1715

Click the following link for a brochure and order form to submit payment via check:
2010 Medical Services Provider Manual 


Click one of the following links to order the 2010 Medical Services Provider Manual
online and submit payment via credit card:

2010 Medical Services Provider Manual - printed manual

2010 Medial Services Provider Manual - CD version 


Revision Notices - 2010 Medical Services Provider Manual

2010 Medical Services Provider Manual Pricing Corrections and Revisions Effective January 1, 2013

 2010 Medical Services Provider Manual, Section 2, Anesthesia

Pharmacy Fee Schedule Effective December 19, 2011 


Updated HCFA 1500 Form
Beginning January 1, 2014, health care providers were able to submit medical payment requests using the revised 1500 form. After March 31, 2014, healthcare providers will no longer be allowed to submit payment requests under the previous versions of the 1500 form. Read more...