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Claims Information

Claims Department

The administration and monitoring of accident reports and any resulting claims are the responsibilities of the Claims Department. After an accident is reported to the Claims Department, its progress through the system is monitored at various stages by claims personnel.  Individual case records are reviewed to ensure that the requirements of the Workers’ Compensation Act and the rules and regulations of the Commission are observed.  Conflicts of a non-judicial nature often are resolved in the Claims Department.

Emailing of Claims Forms Submittal Guidance Instructions (PDF)

Request for Claims History Information (PDF)

Authorization of Release of Claims Data Form (PDF)

Claims Department Personnel  

Sonji Spann
Director of Claims
(803) 737-6226
Fax 803-737-1234

Sonji Spann
Form 20 and Commuted Values
(803) 737-6226

Juliet Bush
Forms 15, 15S, Form 17, Form 18, Form 19 and Form 20
(803) 737-5729

Geneary Cole
Forms 15, 15S, Form 17, Form 18, Form 19 and Form 20
(803) 737-5721

Kandee Johnson
Forms 15, 15S, Form 17, Form 18, Form 19 and Form 20
(803) 737-5720

Debbie Backman
Clinchers/Fee Petitions and Form 16 .
(803) 737-5733

Brittany Melvin
Forms 15, 15S, Form 17, Form 18, Form 19, Form 20 and Letters of Rep.
(803) 737-5746

Contact Information

Sonji Spann, Director
Fax: 803-737-1234