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Single Commissioner Decision & Order

I am dissatisfied with the Single Commissioner's Decision in my claim. What can I do?                

Generally, Orders issued by a Single Commissioner may be appealed for review by a panel of Commissioners. To request a review, either party may file a Form 30, Request for Commission Review, along with the $150.00 filing fee within 14 days of receipt of the order. If your appeal is filed after the 14 -day period, an Appellate Panel of the Commission or the Full Commission may be unable to hear the appeal and the Single Commissioner’s ruling might become the law of your case. If you have received a Decision & Order from a Single Commissioner and would like Commission review of the decision, promptly contact the Judicial Department’s Appeals Staff for assistance.

Appeals Staff

Eugenia Hollmon

Valerie Deller

Department Contact Information

Telephone:      803-737-5675
Fax:                 803-737-1281